Time to Chill!!

A major automotive HVAC manufacturer had designed a new HVAC system by optimizing compactness and efficiency. The HVAC manufacturer had to test and validate the new design to win the confidence of automotive OEM.

3DPD got involved in the initial stages & SLA prototype of the complete HVAC assembly was made. A few minor design errors were detected which were rectified in the SLA prototype itself. Thereafter, 3DPD proceeded to make the silicone rubber moulds. Challenge ! In optimizing the design for compactness, the design had become complex, having average wall thickness of just 1.8 mm in the components. Complete mould filling with polyurethane material in such thin-walled components is challenging. Working with extreme dexterity, 3DPD produced 15 good quality sets, which were used for fitment & design efficiency testing purposes. Field trials and the test results were close to 90% of the theoretical CFD analysis. Another feather in 3DPD's cap!