That's what you call 'cool'!

An OEM was due to launch their new Split AC. The pre launch scenario was exciting, as the CFD analysis had thrown up fantastic numbers in terms of efficiency. The OEM decided to validate the values before going into production.

To check the fitment of the parts 3DPD opted for SLS, which resulted in the discovery of 8 design errors. These design errors were rectified in the SLS prototypes itself which were then used for the silicone mould making. The vacuum cast components from the moulds were subjected to full functional tests with results matching theCFD values to 93%. With the design validated, the OEM swung into full production and was able to add their Split AC onto the shelves right on schedule. We put our collars up when the client confirmed to us that if they hadn't had the prototypes done, the launch would have been delayed by at least 4 weeks.