Stereolithography is a 3D Printing process wherein, a vat of liquid photopolymer and an ultraviolet laser is used to build parts in layers, one at a time. For each layer, the laser beam traces a cross-section of the part in 2D, on the surface of the liquid resin. Exposure to the ultraviolet laser light cures and solidifies the 2D pattern traced on the resin and joins it to the layer below. In general, SLA parts have high accuracy and excellent feature details. With the advent of new resins, SLA part strength has dramatically improved. We at 3DPD believe in exploiting the best of SLA technology and are the only SB in India offering 5 different SLA materials. From large platform machines (over 600mm in X and Y)to the industry standard 3D Systems ProJet machines, 3DPD possesses the state of the art, SLA machines which gives you high quality parts with excellent properties, quickly.