Aerospace industry and its products are amongst the most complex in engineering. They bring with them the ultimate test for an engineer. Aerospace products manufactured in rapid prototyping technologies such as metal 3D printing or any plastic additive manufacturing process require the utmost attention to detail and adherence to the strictest quality and standards. Through its multidisciplinary in-house experts, range of technologies and adherence to tightest quality standards, 3DPD has successfully addressed many complex challenges brought in by its aerospace customers.

5th Gen Fighter Aircraft


The Rafale is a twin-jet 5th generation fighter aircraft able to operate from both an Aircraft Carrier or an Airbase. The fully versatile top in class Rafale is able to carry out all combat aviation missions like air superiority and air defence, close air support, in-depth strikes, reconnaissance, anti-ship strikes and nuclear deterrence etc.

Challenges observed during this project: To maintain the features of the demo model and give it a realistic look as the real Rafale was the main challenge. The model was made with 1:10 scale. All the features and surfaces were required to be smooth with maximum efficiency and the final look to be aesthetically pleasing.

Processes involved during this project: The main process was Vacuum Casting with ABS like PU material for the majority of the components. For the quantity of 50 numbers, VC was the most cost efficient & best suitable for this project. The cockpit was prototyped in Acrylic material which is similar to transparent Polycarbonate & commonly used in VC. The final look was achieved by careful finishing, painting & stickering with attention to details. 

wave guide assembly


It has an application in the satellite for RF (radiofrequency) signal transmissions where the devices are required to transmit the radiofrequency signal waves between the frequency band or range of 30 KHz to 300 GHz .

Challenges observed during this project: The first challenge was to make it accurate as per the customer’s design & signal transmission requirements, to be able to function properly and cannot result in signal losses. Hollow channels were required in the part which is not easily possible to manufacture in a conventional manufacturing process as CNC machining.

Processes involved during this project: Metal AM was the only best suitable prototyping to get this right in the first attempt. AlSi10Mg was the best material being lightweight. Some small size prototypes were made using wood for better understanding before the part was made in SLM (Selective Laser Melting). After that, precision machining was done in some required areas. At last, silver coating was done to the part for better reflection of the waves.

HAL Helicopter-1

Light Combat Helicopter

LCA Fuel pump assembly

Fuel Pump Assembly


Multi-Role Transport Aircraft

UAV Drone-1

UAV Prototype