Automotive industry is most demanding when it comes to product innovation and new product development. First-time-right and time-to-market are extremely critical. The products manufactured in various prototyping methods like stereolithography or selective laser sintering or even plastic injection molding require specific functionality with highest aesthetic appeal.

Understanding this uncompromising need of the automotive customer, over 23+ years, 3DPD has worked with every automotive company across all aspects of their products – plastic as well as metal; Interior, exterior, or under-the-hood components.


A transmission assembly is used in any automotive application to transfer the torque & speed coming from the engine to the wheels with many other mechanical components in between to increase the overall efficiency or the power transfer. These components are commonly manufactured in Metal Castings.

Challenges observed during this project: Being a Functional part and not a mock-up prototype, the dimensional accuracy and tight tolerances were required. Complex design and the size was large thus it was not easily possible due to the assembly constraints.

Processes involved during this project: Each assembly was made in Investment Vacuum Casting with Aluminium material (LM25-T6). Aluminium is the best material used in such components as it gives good mechanical and physical properties as well as light in weight. Precision CNC Machining was required in the assembly for Surface Finishing in which all the tolerances were maintained under the 10 microns. The project completed with delivery of 3 quantities within the given timeline by customer.


IP is an abbreviation for “Instrument panel,” the driver’s information and control centre of an automobile, also referred to as the dashboard which includes many things like various dial gauges or LED display screens (digital or analog), HVAC output air vents, cluster console, glove box & key ignition knob etc many more as the technology is advancing.

Challenges observed during this project: This part was for a functional prototype and as per customer requirements of aesthetic look was the most important. A single unit assembly consists of around 16 child parts. Proper fitment was the key challenge.

Processes involved during this project: A full unit is completed using two processes SLA (Stereolithography) and CNC Block Machining with the help of strong ABS material used in manufacturing different parts and then joined together, finished well & then painted.

Clutch Cover-1

Clutch Assembly

Transmission Assembly

Exterior Trims 5_Mahindra Front Bumber-VC-1

Front Bumper Assembly

Ford Ecosport 1_Dashboard-1

Instrument Panel Assembly

HVAC Vacuum casting-1

HVAC Assembly

Lighting SLA 19-1

Tail Lamp Assembly