The Builder builds monuments which stand the test of times. The Industry 4.0 Builder of products utilizes an efficient ecosystem of technologies and takes up the ownership of the product’s quality and speed of delivery. 3DPD has established such an efficient ecosystem of manufacturing technologies to deliver complete products to its customers, with the highest degree of care for precision, finish, functionality, and repeatability.


Instrument Panel Assembly

3DPD was tasked with developing the Instrument Panel Assembly during the development stages for one of the top car manufacturer for their car interiors. This was a big challenge in itself. Working with multiple components in various materials to meet the functional requirement of each part, was a feat that 3DPD managed to achieve with great excellence. The assembly itself was complicated, as there were many interior components. To have the assembly to fit all the different components seamlessly, we had to conduct multiple rounds of fitment checks before we convinced ourselves internally, that it will exceed client expectations.