Consumer Goods & Electronics


With “Fit and finish” as the mantra at 3DPD, the Electronics and Consumer Goods industry has found an able partner who can understand the nuances of the product and prototype it in the best possible manner. As the competition in this industry is intense, reaching fastest to market is the key.

3DPD helps its customers in providing super- quick prototypes with a blend of perfect materials and finish with the help of not only Plastic 3D printing but also plastic vacuum casting & molding processes. 


Various body enclosures with different applications from consumer goods to electronics are manufactured on a regular basis @ 3DPD. Most of those projects include different stages as per the customer’s requirements which include display models, exhibition models, samples for preliminary testing either functional testing or only aesthetical review etc.

Challenges observed during this project: The major challenges observed in all of these products were perfect or flawless fitment with the multiple small electronic mating parts which are standard parts readily available in the market. Tolerancing in design as well as manufacturing is crucial here to take care of while prototyping. 

Processes involved during this project: 3DPD does a fantastic job on tackling these challenges at the master pattern making stage itself where the SLA 3D Printing or CNC Block Machining technologies are used for that and the fitment check with the mating parts is performed to avoid the fitment related issues at the time of Vacuum Casting process parts.

Dispenser 1

Beverage Dispenser

Display unit 2-1

Low Voltage Grid

Kelloggs Jar bottle 1-1

Food Containers

Kohler Pot 1-1

Home Hygiene Product

Phillips JMG 4-1

Kitchen Appliance

Home Appliance