A Creator starts with a vision of a product and combined with innate design and engineering skills, converts it into a tangible product. 3DPD’s multi-disciplinary team of engineers – Product design, materials science, structural engineering, machine design, combine and collaborate to create robust and ever-lasting products with superior performance, for its customers.


Cylinder Head

3DPD’s expertise lies not only in the development of required prototypes, but also in recommending the best technology and engineering processes for satisfactory results. Engine components like cylinder heads, are conventionally manufactured by a casting process. This poses a lot of challenges when it comes to developing and testing new designs, as it involves scaling down the casting process and is not economical.

Hence, 3DPD experts – when confronted with this task – manufactured the cylinder head using the Additive Manufacturing – SLM process. A typical cylinder head design has various intricate features that need handling in a very careful manner such that the overall engine performance is not compromised. Using the additive Manufacturing process to meet these objectives, is no doubt an achievement worthy of mention.