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In Engineering, precision and accuracy are very critical and 3DPD is no stranger to either of these attributes. We are capable of meeting the toughest heavy-engineering demands of this industry that come our way.

The wide array of material choices at 3DPD make it one of the most sought -after prototyping service bureaus capable of producing complex models in an amazing manufacturing combination of selective laser melting or conventional investment casting plus precision machining, which are used for engineering evaluation and tough tests. 


At 3DPD, various engineering application components with a lot of mechanical child parts in them are manufactured with a huge amount of technical review. Most of those projects include, gears & bearings performance analysis, lubrication analysis, heat generation & dissipation analysis and design validation before going to mass production etc.

Challenges observed during this project: The major challenges observed in all of these products were large sizes of the housing case or cover and the amount of transparency required to perform those kinds of analyses along with the single piece requirement for the manufacturing. Numerous GD&T parameters in design as well as manufacturing are extremely important while prototyping using the concept of “Design for Manufacturing” and to avoid any variations for the critical functional features and also to be leak proof. 

Processes involved during this project: Precision Machining technology with the help of Acrylic or Polycarbonate transparent blocks is the only solution & the best suitable. With the help of 12 various kinds of VMC machines, it is possible to machine such complex parts. After the manufacturing, the parts are post-processed well with utmost attention to small features so that the required transparency is achieved with perfect fitment of child parts.


Transmission Housing - 3DPD


This project involved a crucial task due to the humongous size of the 1:1 scale exhaust pipe. Direct 3D Printing these parts in SLA or SLS was not possible because of its size, and maintaining a consistent diameter presented a significant challenge. The design consisted of four segments, manufactured in Elastomer PU resin & ABS PU resin combination to meet the customer’s specifications & the application.

Challenges observed during this project: Almost 2 metre length for the complete part with 2 Rubber parts at each end presented a main challenge of the fitment with each other. Making the cores of the Silicone Rubber Mold for the Plastic round pipes & achieving maximum Shore Hardness for the Rubber parts were the process challenges.

Processes involved during this project: Due to its application requirements, Vacuum Casting was the only best suitable process even though the quantities requested by the customer were only 2 to 4. Post-Processing of the Master pattern had to be done with many labor hours to achieve the desired & successful results at the end with customer satisfaction.

Impellers 2-1

Fuel Injector-Aerospace

Rotor and Stator 2-1

Transmission Housing Stator


Rotor and Stator1-1

Transmission Housing Stator

Turbo Chargers

Turbo Charger