A Maker brings the Creator’s concept and vision to realization using his innate craftsmanship. To accurately reflect the creator’s concept and vision, the Maker must understand the very thought process of the creator and collaborate with the Creator. For over 23+ years, 3DPD has been the pioneer and one of the earliest Makers in India.


VECV Truck Engine Model

3DPD deploys a Precision Machining process for creating both large and small parts to meet strict manufacturing guidelines, product specifications and critical tolerances. This process also helps in operational efficiency, improved speed, lower production costs and reduced risk factors.

While developing the Truck Engine Model, 3DPD actually worked in a 1:1 scale, using Precision Machining in ABS and Acrylic. Post machining, external surfaces were treated before painting and the final prototype was provided with a metallic finish – hard to distinguish from the actual component!