Precision Machining

Precision Machining

Block Machining of Metal Components

Variety of 3-axes, 4-axes and 5-axes top class VMCs (Vertical Milling Machines) play a vital role in the overall success of 3DPD’s rapid prototyping where almost all the Metal Operations projects undergo precision machining after either Metal Additive Manufacturing or Metal Casting or even direct Block Machining. Apart from Metal projects, a lot of Plastic Projects also get executed with the help of these beasts from making a Master Pattern for Vacuum Casting or Reaction Injection Molding technologies or direct Block Machining as well.

Machine – HAAS, Ace Micromatic, BFW etc.

Bed Platform – 500mm to 1200mm x 600mm x 600mm

Materials – Almost all kinds of Metal materials which are required by the Customers for any small quantity Block Machining.

MCV-400 Precision Machining



Cast metal part to component with tight tolerances, direct block machining of tough plastic parts, meeting tolerances on AM parts, excellent aesthetics and quick turnaround – all these sum up 3DPD’s Precision CNC services. From a wide range of plastics that include ABS, PMMA or Acrylic, Polycarbonates, Nylon & Delrin etc. to Ferrous and Non-ferrous metal parts, 3DPD’s material choices are plenty to choose from. The top class HAAS, Ace Micromatic & BFW CNC machines are robust and serve a variety of functions and work on a range of alloys from widely used Aluminium, special application Titanium, Nickel to Steel & many more.

Transmission Housing - 3DPD

Light Combat Helicopter

Transmission Housing

Ultrasonic Machine Base

Ultrasonic Machine Frame